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New Video - Seoul Video Blog 5: Korean Language School

A tour of Melissa's Korean language school.

New Video - Seoul Video Blog 4: Korea v. Uruguay Watch Party at Seoul City Hall

Melissa at the World Cup Korea v. Uruguay watch party in Seoul City Hall. The plaza was packed with people, most of them wearing red t-shirts.

QiRanger's Channel:

New Video - Seoul Video Blog 3: Hongik Subway Station

Hongik subway station is the closest station to Melissa's school. The station services the Hongdae University area and is on line number 2 (green).

More from the National Folk Museum of Korea

This is Melissa from KPG Productions blogging from Seoul, South Korea.

I visited the National Folk Museum of Korea yesterday. I've uploaded a video of the "A Street to the Past" open-air exhibit to Youtube. There is a lot to see in this museum. The museum has 3 exhibition halls. I only got to visit one yesterday, it was the "History of Korean People" exhibition. It included a timeline of Korean ancestry, cave painting, and artifacts from ancients times to modern times.

I walked to the museum from Gwanghwamun subway station. Right outside of the station is a huge statue of King Sejong.

As I was standing in the courtyard looking around, a group of performers came by in some sort of procession. I got video of that and will upload it later. You can see their red and blue outfits in the background of this picture.

There's a lot of ancient architecture in this area, including this look-out post.

Inside the museum grounds there were these stone statues that used to protect ancient Korean tombs. The plaque said they were sold to foreigners by thieves but later recovered by a Korean collector.

This big building is in the middle of the museum grounds. People are not allowed to climb the steps.

The museum includes a Children's Museum.

This is the "A Street to the Past" open-air exhibit which I made a video about.

A view from above the museum building.

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New Video - Seoul Video Blog 2: A Street to the Past at the National Folk Museum of Korea

The "A Street to the Past" open-air exhibit at the National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

This museum is pretty cool and it's free!

New Video - Seoul Video Blog 1: Introduction

This is Melissa from KPG Productions. I'm staying in Seoul, South Korea to study Korean language through the Amerispan program:

This is just the first of many videos to come.

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How to Use a Korean Washing Machine (Video):

New Video - XSCAPE 2 Highlights: WhiteDragon/Dread Tag Team

Highlight from the 2nd Pump it Up tournament at XSCAPE in Indianapolis. WhiteDragon and Jason Dread tag team during the speed competition.